Android os 2.3 vs 4.0

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While app support is all over the place, things like Google Play Services ensure that Gingerbread can continue chugging along for a long time. Unless Google releases some kind of ultra-low spec Android version, it's hard to see Gingerbread completely dying any time soon. As nice as the new animation improvements are in Lollipop, for some vendors you just can't beat low hardware requirements.

You must login or create an account to comment. Further Reading The updated history of Android. The Gingerbread Play Store update process. First you start with this version of the "Android Market" the old name of the Play Store that shipped in December with Gingerbread. The top is supposed to house a carousel, but it doesn't work anymore. Ron Amadeo.

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At the next startup, you get this message that the Android Market will be renamed the "Google Play Store. And then you're auto-updated to the first version of the Play Store, which first shipped in March , about a year and a half after Gingerbread. This version of the Play Store knows about Google Play Services, so guess what silently shows up on our device next? We've now got Play Services 6. Then—holy crap!

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Once Play Services is installed, we get auto updated to the very latest version of the Play Store. You're looking at Material Design on Gingerbread. Aaaaannd then we fill the MB of storage on our Nexus One. It's a big step up from the local-only music app that originally shipped with Gingerbread. Google Play Games—one of Google's newest services—makes the jump to Gingerbread, too. This is another modern app with tons of Material Design flourishes. Not everything is perfect though. Here's an app using the Google back end to provide leaderboards and cloud-saved user data.

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Remote wipe and tracking came out three years after Gingerbread, and it would normally be something that needs to be built into an OS. But again, thanks to Play Services, a core system feature like this can be patched into an old OS. Google Talk gets tossed aside for the latest version of Google Hangouts. Google Maps isn't the latest version, but it's slightly newer than what ships with Gingerbread. This seems to be from the Ice Cream Sandwich era. YouTube gets updated from the old all-black design to a much newer version. Google Books gets updated to Google Play Books.

It's not the newest Lollipop-era version, but it's just a single redesign behind. Google's Magazine store didn't exist when Gingerbread launched, but the OS still gets a client. This version is another 4.

How to Upgrade from Android 2.3.6 to 4.0.4 (Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich) Samsung Infuse 4G

He is always on the hunt for a new gadget and loves to rip things apart to see how they work. Email ron arstechnica. One of the reasons that Android is popular is because of the ability to customize the software. Android is open-source software, which means that it is not limited to development by one company only. Google allows any users or developers access to the source code of Android, giving them permission to alter, modify and redistribute the software.

This allows a variety of different looks to the software. It also allows each device to stand out from other devices running the same Android software. When Android was announced in , many were skeptical about the company being able to make it a success. However, the company managed to make Android one of the most popular operating system that is currently used. The company launched the Android 1. Android 2. These two are different in terms of features, looks, layout and many other things.

The v2. The update was based on Linux kernel 2.

Android Gingerbread vs. Android Ice Cream Sandwich [video] - Android Authority

It is considered to still be one of the most popular versions of Android for smartphones. The company also shipped a minor updates for Gingerbread under the version 2. These updates offered new features such as: Android 4.

The Android 4.

android os 2.3 vs 4.0 Android os 2.3 vs 4.0
android os 2.3 vs 4.0 Android os 2.3 vs 4.0
android os 2.3 vs 4.0 Android os 2.3 vs 4.0
android os 2.3 vs 4.0 Android os 2.3 vs 4.0
android os 2.3 vs 4.0 Android os 2.3 vs 4.0

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