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I really wish there were some way to turn off the right mouse button or remap it on android. It really sucks that it maps to the Back key. All mice have this problem on android. Would also be cool if it acted as a regular USB keyboard. This is actually a rebranded product, not that it matters. The PCB has Seenda. I assume they are the original manufacturer but they might just be the company that ordered the most of them.

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This is why you will see a dozen different versions of this exact same keyboard. My advice: Buy the cheapest, they are all the same. There is ample space within the case of the keyboard to insert an RFID that you can program to enable bluetooth and connect the phone to the keyboard. Don't put the RFID Works well with my Kindle Fire HD8 even though this is the fourth time trying to submit this review. Think it is Fire Issue and Amazon at this point in time. Can type fast, Light, On when opened, off when closed, Textured exterior helps keep from slipping, broken English instructions work.

Suspect may not be true Jelly Comb as missing packaging and marking on keyboard, who cares since it works. Can't replace battery and no manual switch for on off. Lacks trackpad, but this allows for bigger keys, plus I've tried other keyboards with trackpads and have found that they actually slow down your progress much of the time.

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After a doing a decent amount on online research for a bluetooth keyboard for my Kindle Fire HDX, I came across this one and figured I would give it a try. I was intrigued by the option of the backlit keys and the overall dimensions seemed to be a perfect fit.

Once it arrived, I couldn't have been more surprised! The size of the keyboard is just right and the backlit keys are in fact a great option. The initial set up and pairing of the keyboard with my Kindle Fire was seamless and took a matter of seconds.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Flip Case Cover for 4.5''-6.5'' Phones from BANGGOOD

The overall design and feel of the keyboard is great. The keys are very responsive and don't feel loose or weak at all. They are well spaced out and I have no issues at all having big hands. I am very pleased with the overall design and functionality as a So far, so good. Since the keyboard has a logical layout, you never end up running into the hinge. I have bigger hands and yet my fingers never feel cramped or confined while typing.

It's pretty darn close to the same size as my desktop keyboard which makes switching back and forth easy. The keys have a good feel and response AND, the most important part, it works! I've tried so many BT keyboards that skip or miss a key here and there, which ultimately ends up slowing you down.


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Here, the keyboard keeps up with my typing and I so far have not seen any lost keys. Updated review: Following my last review I was contacted by the seller, who sent me a replacement keyboard with the esc and function keys fixed! I'm not sure how you can ensure you get this version when you order it, but the only visual difference is the function keys are all white both the F1 and logo on the one that works correctly.

Previous review: There are several things to like about this keyboard, but a single terrible design cannot be overcome. I'll start with the pros: On top of the compact frame, the keyboard also boasts a battery that will last you up to six months before having to charge which only takes about two hours. Can you really complain at a price like that?

Microsoft Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

It also supports Bluetooth 4. The most notable feature about the keyboard is that it folds in half. Not only does that make the keyboard easier to transport, but it also serves as a power button. Open it to begin connecting to a device, and close it to power off. On top of the intelligent design is a fabric coating that protects it from outside damage and water spills. If you have more than one smartphone or tablet, consider the Logitech K Bluetooth Keyboard.

This full-size wireless keyboard can connect to virtually any device with Bluetooth wireless hardware inside. In fact, the software included with the keyboard lets you create up to three different device profiles, one for each product you own, and you can quickly toggle between each of them by turning the Easy Switch dial on the left-hand side of the keyboard. The Logitech K is still small enough so you can easily drop it in a messenger bag or backpack for the times when you really, really need to type with something beyond a touchscreen keyboard.

It can hold a smartphone or a tablet upright while you type. In fact, if they are small enough you can put in both a phone and a tablet in the cradle at the same time.

5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Android Phone or Tablet in

Its hottest feature is that it also has an LED backlight. You can choose between two different light levels and, more importantly, seven different colors deep blue, soft blue, bright green, soft green, red, purple, and cyan to make your typing experience a bit more fun.

In other words, turning on the backlit LED keys will definitely result in a larger battery drain, so keep that in mind when using it. The K model is larger, and features a dedicated number pad on the right, making it a full-fledged keyboard.

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The K also has a mobile device cradle on top, designed to hold any smartphone or tablet and place them at the best typing angle. It also uses two AAA batteries, which should keep the keyboard going for up to two years. The r echargeable lithium battery is designed to last up to six months on a single charge. The 1byone foldable keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.

Instead of using replaceable batteries, this slim keyboard has an integrated mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which works for 64 hours of continuous use or days in standby mode. The battery recharges using an included USB cable in less than 4 hours. The keyboard can be folded into a slim gray box that resembles a pen case.

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  • The profile of the keyboard is slim, even though it comes with an integrated kickstand. You are free to adjust the angle of the stand as you please, and the hinge is strong enough to support even large tablets.

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    • The last Bluetooth keyboard on our list is a perfect addition to your Chromecast-powered home entertainment system. Fosmon has created a small keyboard with built-in touchpad and LED backlighting , and they offer it at an enticing price. A keyboard like this is best suited for web browsing or occasional chatting.

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